Rise of the Machines? Devin, the World’s First AI Software Engineer, Builds Websites & Videos

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Cognition, a startup based in the United States, has introduced Devin, the world’s premier AI software engineer. Devin possesses the remarkable ability to generate, debug, and deploy code, thereby constructing fully operational websites and videos from a single prompt. This innovative AI entity operates autonomously from developers and has successfully navigated practical engineering interviews conducted by leading AI firms. Additionally, Devin has executed real-time tasks on the Upwork freelance platform, showcasing its practical application and versatility.

The company behind the breakthrough, based in Silicon Valley, says its technology aims to replace the role of an entire development team. Devin is designed to take over the planning and execution of complex engineering tasks in a secure, virtual sandbox and works with standard developer tools, including code editors and browsers. It can also handle multiple projects simultaneously, delivering the finished product to users as needed.

According to the company, the software engineers’ advanced long-term reasoning means they can solve complex engineering problems without human intervention or assistance. Using a combination of deep learning, reinforcement learning, and knowledge graphs, the AI can plan and execute tasks autonomously, even when dealing with unfamiliar technologies or code.

When given a specific task, the AI can search for tutorials on how to accomplish that particular project and then debug the end-to-end product before executing it. This never-seen-before capability makes the AI a genuine engineering assistant rather than simply a coding assistant that can only suggest snippets or autocomplete code.

As well as creating web pages and videos, the AI can work on other projects, including coding projects for software or hardware, inferring real-time models from existing algorithms, fixing significant repositories, and more. It can fix coding errors from GitHub repositories, including syntax and math or reasoning errors.

Computer scientist Silas Alberti, who has tried the prototype, says it’s far more advanced than other coding assistants. “This feels less like an assistant helping you with your code and more like a real engineer working on something for itself,” he wrote in a recent blog post for Bloomberg.

Cognition says it’s working to make Devin available to the public later this year but is currently only offering access to selected beta testers. The company has been raising funds in a big way, with $21 million from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and other name-brand investors. It isn’t the only startup trying to revolutionize coding and software development, but it’s making waves with its debut.


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