Investigation Reveals Indian Americans Accused of Stealing $22 Million from Football Team

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A former Jaguars employee is at the center of a startling financial scandal, accused of embezzling a staggering amount of money from the NFL franchise. According to court documents, Amit Patel was the key figure in an alleged multi-million dollar fraud scheme. As the Jaguars’ financial planning and analysis manager, Patel allegedly exploited the organization’s virtual credit card program to steal the sum. The Jacksonville-based team, not named in the federal filing but simply referred to as “Business A,” confirmed in a statement published by The Athletic that it was the victim of Patel’s purported crimes.

As per court records, the former manager was in charge of reviewing monthly financial reports and department budgets and managing the club’s virtual credit card (VCC) program. He reportedly used the program to conceal his ill-gotten funds, starting in 2019. The alleged scheme involved Patel categorizing personal expenses such as Tesla cars and designer watches as recurring VCC transactions for catering, airfares, hotel fees, and other business costs. Then, NBC Sports reported, NBC Sports reported that he would fudge the numbers in financial statements to make them appear legitimate while entering fictitious transactions into VCC systems and other databases.

The alleged multi-million dollar fraud scheme was uncovered after the Jaguars noticed inconsistencies in their finances and commissioned a review of its accounting procedures. Patel’s alleged schemes came to light during the process, and he was ultimately fired in February 2023. The team reportedly engaged an independent law and accounting firm to conduct the investigation and ruled out any other team members being complicit or aware of his illegal activities.

Patel is now facing wire fraud charges and is expected to have his assets seized. It is an alarming case highlighting the vulnerability of financial systems within organizations and the importance of stringent internal controls. The alleged misdeeds should serve as a wake-up call to all companies to rethink their security measures and bolster compliance and auditing processes. It also underscores the importance of ensuring that employees are trusted and given the necessary resources to perform their duties. The incident serves as a cautionary tale on the risks of mistrust and the repercussions of financial misconduct in high-profile organizations. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.


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