Andrew Tate Indicted On Human Trafficking Rape Charges In Romania

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Image Source: CNN

Online influencer Andrew Tate, his brother, and two women were indicted on human trafficking rape charges in Romania, prosecutors said Tuesday. The four suspects are accused of forming a criminal group that exploited the women by coercing them into “pornographic acts to produce and disseminate such material” on their social media channels, according to a statement from the country’s anti-crime agency. They allegedly targeted women from Romania, Britain, and the United States.

Prosecutors alleged the four suspects used deception and threats to lure the women into a sex-production scheme involving drugs and violence, prosecutors said in a statement. The four suspects are also accused of raping the women. Police arrested Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan, 34, along with the two Romanian women late last year. They were under preventive detention at first and then placed under house arrest at the end of March. The four have denied the allegations.

The men are known for their social media videos promoting bulging muscles, cigars, fast cars, and misogynistic views. They have amassed millions of followers and been banned from several social media platforms.

The indictment comes less than a week after the Tates won a small legal victory in Romania. Prosecutors had asked a judge to keep the men in custody. Still, the judges ruled that they did not pose a danger and that their freedom should be granted on the condition that the brothers refrain from making comments that could prejudice upcoming trials.

Several alleged victims have testified that they were subjected to violence and psychological coercion. In contrast, others claim they were forced into sex-production work under threat of physical violence or debt. The Tates and their lawyer have repeatedly denied the allegations, saying that Romanian prosecutors lack evidence and accusing them of a political conspiracy designed to silence them. A spokesman for the brothers’ lawyers said they plan to file an appeal against their detention. They will present “a comprehensive body of evidence, diligently collected and prepared over time,” that will substantiate their innocence claims. He added that the Tates could prove their actions were consensual and that the prosecutors had not met the high due process standards. A trial date has yet to be set. The pair moved to Romania years ago and had a baby son born during their time under arrest. They are based in the city of Bucharest. Several media outlets were allowed to watch them walk out of the central police jail facility in Bucharest on Tuesday. They were greeted with cheers of “Top G,” their nickname, from fans as they exited the premises. Romanian law allows suspects to remain in custody for up to six months before they go on trial. The courts typically extend this period several times. During the hearings, judges consistently cited fears that suspects might pressure witnesses or interfere with the investigation

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