Red Flags When Choosing a HVAC Contractor

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An HVAC contractor can be regarded as the equivalent of a surgeon for your home, and like hiring one, you should ensure you filter out the bad from good. You need an HVAC contractor near me you can trust at all times.

But with all the HVAC contractors out there, running ads and placing their company information online, how do you choose the good from the bad? Well, numerous factors come into play when making this all-important hiring decision. Here are two red flags when hiring an HVAC contractor.

One Man Company

A one-man HVAC company is most of the times set up a single person who wants more control over when and for whom to work. From a service standpoint, this is not perfect for the company’s clients. Keep in mind HVAC problems can sometimes be both sudden and serious.

A one-man HVAC company doesn’t have any 24 hour guarantees in prices, might be on-duty when you need their help, and could simply be unwilling to rush out to help in the middle of a storm. No wonder you should always steer clear from counting on such an HVAC contractor.

Bad Online Reviews

While no HVAC contract is perfect, a significant number of bad reviews online can be a big red flag. In most cases, a few bad reviews is expected, as some clients are merely difficult to please. Either way, you need to ensure that you read an HVAC contractor’s bad reviews more carefully than its good reviews, and you will get to see whether you have a reason to worry.

Keep in min an HVAC company that really values and cares about its work and its clients will respond to those bad reviews and take the necessary step of action.  In the event of a legitimate company, they should apologize and compensate the homeowner. In the event of a hard-to-please homeowner, the HVAC contractor will apologize and explain what the homeowner can do.

If a prospective HVAC contractor doesn’t show any concern for the online reviews, then you should not hesitate to look elsewhere.


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