Key Aspects of VRF HVAC Installation

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VRF HVAC are proving to be very reliable with proper application and installation. Actually, issues come to be when you skimp on quality installation and details of manufacturer installations are ignored. In most cases, you will find yourself making do with electrical or mechanical compressor failures.

The good news is you can prevent this from happening. All you have to do is understand what goes into proper installation of your VRF HVAC, and you’re good to go. As a good starting point, here are key aspects of VRF HVAC installation.

Pressure Testing

The essence of undertaking pressure testing is to ensure there are no leaks in your system, a vital component to a successful installation. Keep in mind MAX PSI and duration of pressure test tend to vary between manufactures and need to be reviewed in the installation manual. But how do you go about this without feeling the heat?

Well, you need to commence with the nitrogen pressure test at 150 PSIG and hold for 3 minutes. You should then increase the pressure to 325 PSIG and hold for 5 minutes. In the event that there are no leaks, you can raise the pressure to 550 PSIG and hold for 24 hours.

Flared Connections and Pipe Fittings

If you’ve done your home on VRF HVAC installation, then you probably already know that all flared connections ought to be torqued to standard torque values to flare nut size. It is worth mentioning that Daikin VRF HVAC systems use REFNET fittings to split refrigerant pipe branches in the unit.

However, other units are not allowed and will lead to improper operation of the VRF HVAC. Remember, REFNETs are precisely designed to maintain laminar flow and allow for proper oil circulation through the refrigerant piping network.

How you go about installing your VRF HVAC system says a lot on whether or not it will serve you effectively. If unsure on how to go about this expedition, then there is nothing wrong with calling in the professionals and let them install the VRF HVAC system on your behalf.


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